5 Reasons Why We Should Use Organic Products

5 Reasons Why We Should Use Organic Products

Remember the times when our grandma’s used to lay stress on using natural products – fruit and flower extracts, milk, honey, turmeric and more for regular skin care?  Ages after, it is now strongly recommended by the experts that one must use organic beauty products.

Natural beauty products are the new buzzword for women who believe in a more environmentally friendly way to apply makeup or keep their hair and skin looking healthy.

Organic – Yeah Or Neah?

The industry giants have subjected people to tons of advertising trying to convince how their new age synthetic formulas are more equipped to work wonders on skin and hair. The smaller companies, on the other hand, have pure, natural beauty products but unfortunately lack the commercial space and resources to gain household recognition.

So if you see your friend with brighter skin and thicker hair, do not be surprised if she recommends you using the natural organic products to get similar glow and shine.

The topic is enormous when it comes to discussing why it’s worth searching out for the organic products. If you are in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, one of the essential tips is to go natural or organic, as they say. It is impossible to cover all the points in one article how choosing organic products over the synthetic or chemical-core stocks is beneficial in every sense, but let us have a quick look as to why experts are suggesting it for customers of every age group and gender.

Understanding The Benefits

When you choose organic skincare, you are automatically looking at the ingredients that work with the sophisticated natural systems of your skin. Our skin has the potential to care and regenerate on its own given it is exposed to the right nutrients.

Reducing The Risk Of Illness

Unnecessary rashes on the skin and other body parts are often the first signs which can be suggestive of the harmful chemicals in your cosmetics. With prolonged use of synthetic products, it can lead to serious skin concerns. It’s not too less when customers, falling prey to the wrongful advertisement, used a certain product and suffered from skin irritation,  breathing disabilities, chronic headaches, hormone disruption, cancers and to a vast other range of symptoms.

No Harsh Chemicals

The cheap ingredients, which are easy to produce, are constantly competing to find their way up the shelves and censure the organic products. Just think about the last commercial you watched about any skincare product. They all promise to do wonder through less visible wrinkles, disappearing sun spots, magically fading the blemishes and more! But it is a simple truth that there are no quick fixes in life. Be it asphyxiation of the skin, photosensitivity or accelerated dehydration, the organic products will help you get the optimum results but will take time, unlike the synthetic products.


Conventional beauty products have petroleum-based ingredients. These compounds are typically harsh substances which are harmful to both the skin and the environment. For instance, the antiperspirants generally use aluminum. However, it is not one of the metals you would like to have on your skin. Going aluminum free can be one of the little ways how you can contribute to reducing the unnecessary mining of this metal.

Natural Fragrance

Smelling good is one of the many ways how people impress their partners! Most of the beauty products consist of a mixture of chemicals which when inhaled throughout the day can lead to some form of complication. Artificial aromas always have the risk of causing toxic effects but the scents derived from the natural ingredients are free from any such unnecessary risks.

Little Chance Of Premature Ageing

Makeup made with natural materials constitutes of antioxidants and other mineral-rich substances that provide sun-shielding benefits. Choosing the right makeup, especially in countries like India will help you maintain a gentler skin tone than if otherwise done. There’s nothing more beautiful than the skin looking naturally glowing and softer even during the harsh summer days!

We Know Your Biggest Doubt

Even on the days when so much is talked about the organic products and their importance, ever wondered why there’s still so much demand for the chemical products in the market? The only possible reason what the experts found that’s binding the popularity of the organic products as compared to the other synthetic skincare merchandises is their price.

But when you factor in how organic ingredients are grown and understand how different they are than the genetically altered advertised natural items, it wouldn’t be too hard to realize where the expense lies.

Natural products used in the formulation of organic skincare commodities do not have the preservatives, emulsifiers, or a fragrance like the ones found in the over-the-counter brands.

Lastly, organic products have a shorter shelf life as their primary ingredients start breaking after a certain period of time.


True beauty comes from radiating health and cosmetics are simply an adjunct. But when it comes to regular skincare and beauty products, choose the organic products which not only will serve good to you but to mother Earth as well.


SOURCE: https://luxaleaf.com/5-reasons-why-we-should-use-organic-products/

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