Our cause


The Organic Bag™

Welcome to The Organic Bag™!

We are a website that sells one of the most interesting, exciting and easy to use organic bags out there. We are very committed to protecting the environment and doing our best to save our planet. Which is why we started focusing on the creation of a fully organic, visually appealing organic bag. Our bag has a stellar design, it only uses organic compounds and it’s durable as well as versatile.

How do we create The Organic Bag™?

Our Organic Bag is created only from Ata Vines which are extremely durable and they will last for a long time. We condition the vines and then these are handwoven into the desired shape. We hand-dry everything and then the vines are smoked over coconut husks. We smoke them in an oven to make sure that the interlocking weave is set properly. This process gives them the final color you can see in our images.

A stellar, handcrafted gift

We know how hard it can be to find a great gift for women nowadays. What makes The Organic Bag™ unique is that we bring in an extraordinary style and also a way to protect the environment. In fact, these products are handwoven with quality rattan straws, all in order to bring in that unique style and look to every bag. We are always focused on quality and value, and you will appreciate the great attention to detail and professionalism that we bring to the table.

Suitable for any outfit

What really makes The Organic Bag™ stand out is that its colors and unique visual appeal makes it great for just about any kind of outfit. Whether you want to use it with jeans, beachwear, shorts or floral dresses, this bag will suit all those outfits and so much more all the time.

We plant a tree with every purchase

Our company wants to protect and also save the environment. And we know that tree cutting is getting out of control in various places all over the world. We want to do our best to help, and The Organic Bag™ helps bring that to the table. The Organic Bag™ is fully committed to helping the environment one tree at a time.

Help us protect the environment and order this amazing organic bag right away. And once you do that, we will plant a tree for your purchase! 💚